Fees and charges

Fees and Charges

Fees for using ifreelance247.com are minimal. They have been purposely structured to enable the freelancer and work from home employee maximize their income. Our freelance workplace currency is the USD$
Our fee structure is highlighted below.

Freelancer fees

As providers of the freelance community platform, freelancers are charged a nominal fee from ONLY completed and paid task. We charge freelancers minimal fees to cover our costs, admin and operations.

We have highlighted the cost of using the freelance site to secure jobs online, work from home and earn some wages.

Bidding for jobs.

Bidding for jobs and projects is free. It will cost you nothing.

Commission on completed task.

We charge the freelancer ONLY 7.5%. No matter the volume of work you do, this is the most commission that you will be charged.

Transaction Fees.

These are fees you may need to pay to withdraw or transfer your funds to your local bank, PayPal or card.
Transaction fees incurred for using Credit Card, PayPal or other payment gateways* $3.50 USD + 2.3%
Local Bank Deposit FREE
International Wire Transfer USD $ 15 – 25.00.

Buyer/contractor/employer Fees.

Ifreelance247.com does not charge the employer for listing or posting their jobs and tasks. It is free to post jobs on our freelance community platform. However, employers will incur certain payment gateway fees or bank charges in the cause of making payment for services rendered on our site.
Below is the breakdown of the fees chargeable by your bank or credit card provider.

Transaction Fees

PayPal will charge you about USD 3.5 % + $0.30
Credit Cards (International) USD 3.5 % + $0.30
Posting a Project FREE
Featured job post $7.00 USD