How to find work

How to find work

As a freelancer, your goal is to find work on our site and earn some income. it is important that you strategically position yourself to be able to secure employment.

To get employed you need to do the following.


Build a solid profile.

  • your profile is like your curriculum vitae on the site. Ensure that you complete your profile with as much detail as you can. This will position you before employers as they will look through your profile to be able to employ you. Can can complete your profile from the dashboard.
  • Make sure that you list your picture on your profile.


Search for jobs

  • You can search for jobs from the project search tab. From here you will be able to see the jobs listed. Place your bid or communicate directly with the employer.
  • When you are a beginner, start with low bids, you want to build your job profile and ensure trust.


Let excellence be your mantra

  • Do a good job so that you will get raving reviews from the employer. The better the reviews the more your chances of securing more job opportunities. Employers would want to approach freelancers with good reviews from previous jobs.


Continue to search for Jobs

  • Continue to search and bid for jobs, it takes effort to get work. Remember that you are bidding against many others. The more you search and put your bids, the better your chances of getting work.


Subscribe to job notifications

  • from your dashboard and account, you will be able to choose your skills. This will enable employers find and connect with freelancers with particular skill type. When you subscribe to these skills, you will get notification when jobs are posted in your categories of choice.