How Escrow works on ifreelance247?

How Escrow works for the employer:

After awarding the job to a freelancer or provider, the employer funds his escrow account using one of the available payment gateways on the ifreelance247 site. The freelancer is notified that the employer’s escrow account has been funded thus giving the provider the confidence to proceed with the work, and the guarantee that they will receive their earnings when the task is completed.

For the employer who has awarded the job to a provider or freelancer, he gets the assurance that is work will be delivered to his satisfaction before releasing payment to the provider.


How Escrow works for service provider or freelancer:

The freelancer verifies that payment is secured in the employer’s escrow account before commencing with the work or sending the completed work to the employer.

These processes happen almost simultaneously and help to build confidence between the parties concerned, whilst ensuring that the freelancer gets paid for the work done the employer receives his job satisfactorily.

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